As Suffolk Wedding Planners, writing a post on why I think you should choose this gorgeous part of the world to get married was easy!  With its tranquil beauty, convenient location and stunning coastlines, Suffolk is one of the most desirable wedding locations in the UK. Award winning beaches spanning almost 50 miles, means that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect spot to say ‘I do’. Medieval towns boasting stunning buildings and luscious history coupled with a penchant for horse racing, means that the perfect venue is never far away. Whether you’re looking for a quiet, calm wedding with a few family and friends, or a princess’s extravaganza, with equine entertainment to follow, you’re sure to find it here.

As a Luxury Wedding Planner in Suffolk, here are my thoughts on why you should chose this beautiful part of the world for your wedding.


The time between your ceremony and your reception can often seem a little anti-climactic, but with some of the finest beaches in the UK why not opt for some amazing on-the-beach photos! The stunning stretches of sandy shores with backdrops of beautiful blue will forever stand out in your wedding album. With the sun shining, you could easily believe that you’d wed on a tropical, far away island.


There are myriad highly-talented, local suppliers, which means that you don’t need to look far to find a professional or business that will go above and beyond to perfect your wedding in Suffolk. I have cultivated an extensive network of brilliant wedding suppliers across Suffolk who are perfectly placed to deliver your vision. Local suppliers generally know the wedding venues and locations well, so you can be sure of the best laid out spaces, freshest foods and stunning photography capturing the local beauty.


As one of the warmest and driest counties in the UK, Suffolk is a great choice for couples who would like an outdoor wedding. England may be no safe-bet for sunshine, but if you want to get married in the great British outdoors, surrounded by luscious green views and whimsical woodland – with the best chances or clear skies, Suffolk should be top of your list.


It is almost hard to believe that Suffolk is just an hour from London. The miles of rolling countryside and abundance of natural wildlife are in stark contrast to the neighboring capital. Whilst it is so easily accessible and offers such variety in scenery, Suffolk is also well known for its friendly locals and delicious food, making it a popular holiday hot spot and the perfect place for guests to stay and relax after the big day. Unlike big city weddings, Suffolk weddings have a much more relaxed feel with nature playing a huge role in creating the atmosphere.


The birthplace of Benjamin Britten, Suffolk boasts culture in abundance. Our regular and award winning festivals make this a common theme for Suffolk based weddings, with a supplier base used to catering for this style. If you’re not looking for the festival theme, why not incorporate Britten’s beautiful music, inspired by the Suffolk landscape into your wedding, for the perfect way to combine Suffolk’s rich heritage with your day.

If you’re planning a wedding in Suffolk or perhaps looking for a Suffolk wedding venue, then please do get in touch. As a wedding planner and long-standing resident of Suffolk, I can help you to create the perfect day, tailored to you.


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