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Partial Wedding Planning Services | UK & Destination Weddings

Partial wedding planning is for discerning couples who were inspired by their authentic vision and went straight into planning the elements for their perfect wedding day.

Having embarked on their unique planning journey, they’ve become aware that the conceptualisation of their delightfully distinct wedding is easier than the reality of making it happen. This service is bespoke to their needs as opposed to full wedding planning and design.

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Conservatory wedding at Chiswick House and Gardens

Tailored to Meet You Where You Are Now

Signature Planning Services Customised for You

Your journey is entirely unique because your planning has been beautifully inspired by you. Şenel’s partial wedding planning services are dedicated to discerning couples who need a tailored plan to meet them where they are now.

Hiring Senel as your wedding planner and organiser, you’ll receive the signature services included in her full wedding planning offerings, but they’ll be built into a customised plan which fits your distinct journey.

You may have booked your venue, caterers, decor or entertainment. No matter where your audacious ideas have taken you, rest assured that Şenel will orchestrate the rest to bring your vision to life.


Şenel was incredibly organised, helpful, thoughtful, kind, and responsive throughout the entire process. Şenel was truly fantastic and we would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help planning their dream wedding.

Madison Malloch Brown, Chiswick House and Gardens.

A Meeting to Become Acquainted

The Process Which Underpins Şenel’s Partial Wedding Planning Services

To accurately replicate the vision in your mind. Şenel will acquaint herself with you to discuss the details of your special day.

She will tailor her guidance depending on your requirements, offering as much or as little inspiration as you need.

Listening intently to your story so far, she will inform you of the proceeding steps and map out a detailed plan of how she will bring your ideas to fruition. Şenel is a wedding planner and organiser with a devotion to detail which you won’t find anywhere else.

A Seamless Transition

A Quintessential Wedding Planner Who Knows Exactly What’s Required

There is no one that comes close to the professionalism that Şenel exhibits in the field of wedding planning.

She has liaised with renowned luxury wedding suppliers and venues for over 7 years and is well-versed in creating high-end events which amaze guests beyond belief.

When you hand control over to Şenel as your wedding planner and organiser, expect an effortless transition, where every detail is expertly managed with the care and attention that’s required to choreograph the luxury wedding you’ve always envisaged.


What a truly amazing Wedding Planner! We recently got married in Portugal and Şenel was absolutely brilliant in helping us plan our wedding. We both agree that hiring Şenel as our Wedding Planner was one of the best decisions that we made and her experience and calm head were indispensable.

Sophie and Anthony, Portugal.

Weekend Weddings, Ceremonies Overseas or Singular Events

A Quintessential Wedding Planner Who Knows Exactly What’s Required

Destination Wedding Planner

Şenel works expeditiously to plan weddings in varying degrees of complexity. Whether you’ve partially planned for a weekend of wedding celebrations, a ceremony overseas or a spectacular singular event; Şenel has the expertise and experience to smoothly orchestrate your wedding from start to finish.

Dare to dream big because Şenel has the extraordinary ability to make it happen.

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Regardless of what stage of the planning process you’re at, Şenel will guide you on every step you need to take to throw an extraordinary event that impresses your guests.

Book your consultation below, where you can have a relaxed discussion about the party you desire and how Şenel and her team can assist you to make it happen.