how much do wedding planners cost?

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There are lots of things to consider when chosing your wedding planners. Whilst the typical cost for a UK wedding planner usually comes in at between 10-15% of your
wedding budget for a full wedding planning service, there are many considerations that an experienced wedding planners will undertake
before advising you of the actual cost. A good wedding planner will take time to chat with a couple
first to ensure that they fully appreciate their clients’ desires for their big day. Is it to be an elegant
garden wedding at your family home, perfectly personalised, just for you? Or perhaps a three day wedding taking place at an exclusive country home, with celebrations before and after your wedding. These and many more are the essential details that your
wedding planner will ascertain before venturing to advise on what their fee might be.

How much does a wedding planner cost?


As a wedding planner, I’m here to ensure that you enjoy your most special of days by applying my
organisational skills, creativity, connections and experience giving you a celebration you’ll never

Engaging with wedding planners offers many benefits, our experience and network of trusted partners,
suppliers and wedding professionals means that you’ll have only the best quality, most coveted and trusted team creating your wedding day. Our years of experience at delivering countless perfect days mean that
you’re in safe hands.

It’s typical for an experienced wedding planners to invest more than 200 hours into ensuring your wedding is exactly as you want it to be. Their experience and expertise enable them to carefully schedule every hour of the
wedding day ensuring a fluid and continuous celebration. A wedding planner will assess and design every element of your wedding celebrations down to the smallest details. Your budget is used to its fullest as we handpick your
wedding professionals and suppliers using our extensive knowledge of their quality and reliability;
ultimately delivering the best of the best – because your perfect day deserves nothing less.
Most UK wedding planners offer 3 wedding planning services. Each service has its own price point
and variables but knowing the level of planning that works best for you should give you an idea of
how much a wedding planner will cost to create your perfect day. You can read more about our wedding planning services here.


Your wedding planner will spend time talking with you to fully understand and share your vision,
crystalising your ideas to ensure that nothing is missed; then, confident that your dream day is in
safe hands, you can sit back and allow them to do what they do best. Your planner will quickly get to
work on sourcing the most spectacular venue and booking the perfect team of trusted, quality
wedding suppliers. All happening without you having to deal with the hundreds of emails and calls
that come with bringing your ideas to life.
I like to check in regularly with my couples, discussing options and ideas, while keeping them up to
date every step of the way. I will also assist with budget management and coordinate the logistics of
the day.
For this service, Bride & Belle Luxury Weddings charge between 12 – 15% of your wedding budget, depending on the complexities of your wedding day or weekend.


This service offers complete flexibility to couples who have already started to plan some elements of
the day, or that would prefer to be more hands-on with certain features. Based on the level of
involvement required your quote will be tailor-made around your requirements. A couple who has
chosen their venue but are looking for a wedding planner to coordinate all the other elements will
naturally need to budget more than a couple who has booked many of their suppliers.
Here, I first spend time having a friendly chat with you to get a thorough understanding of where in
the planning process you are. Then I can describe how and where my services and experience will
help to tie everything together, and ascribe the cost for the level of involvement that best suits you.


For couples who want to plan their own wedding, a wedding planner is the perfect way to ensure
that your plans are executed perfectly. There’s no need to worry about timings or logistics, instead,
you can focus on each other as your planner takes on the role of coordinator, ensuring the day runs
exactly as you imagined.
I will arrange several meetings in the weeks running up to your big day (these can be done both
virtually or face to face) for me to be completely immersed in your needs. I also liaise with all of your
chosen suppliers and coordinate timings. You’ve planned your ideal day, now you can relax and
enjoy each other with your guests, whilst I execute your plans down to the last, carefully-chosen
Fees for on-the-day wedding coordination start at £1500.

How much does a wedding planner cost?


The cost of wedding planners in the UK varies considerably based on the type of wedding you are having, the location of your wedding and the level of wedding planning support you require. The cost also varies according to the location and level of experience that a wedding planner may have.
The cost of a wedding planner aside, your wedding planner should be personable, approachable, and passionate about your celebrations.
Make sure that you ‘click’ with your wedding planner, this is important as it helps in allowing you to
express yourselves and enabling that all-important communication and understanding of your
needs. A good wedding planner will be able to capture your personality and reflect that into your
wedding day. For this reason, I don’t charge for any of my initial meetings and would encourage any
couple considering hiring a wedding planner to simply get in touch. I believe it could just be the start
of something wonderful.


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