Jewish Wedding in London

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This summer we should have been celebrating Hannah & Michael’s beautiful Jewish wedding in London, but unfortunately due to Covid-19 we were not able to go ahead. Having spent many months working with Hannah and Michael to plan an unforgettable day at Chiswick House and Gardens, I still wanted to share some of the details with you.

Jewish wedding in London

I started working with Hannah and Michael to plan their Jew-ish wedding in London a few months after they had booked their venue, Chiswick House and Gardens in London. Having made this first step, they realised that there were a lot more plans to be made and a lot of coordinating to be done! The first thing that we did together was to decide upon the caterer. We reached out to the wonderful team at Food Show. Working to Hannah & Michael’s specific budget, Food Show immediately put together a mouth wateringly delicious menu which catered for both Kosher and non-Kosher wedding guests.

The next step was to consider the overall style and design of the wedding day, bringing in London florist Lavender Green to work their magic and Velvet London to provide furniture, lighting, sound and a fabulous DJ to ensure the guests would spend the evening dancing and enjoying every moment. Below is a snippet from the Design & Styling guide put together for the wedding – part of the Full Wedding Planning & Design service

Given that Hannah is Jewish, and Michael isn’t this was very much a Jew-ish wedding, which means that we were able to coordinate elements of both of their religions and cultures. Mixed faith and multicultural weddings are particularly important to me given my own mixed cultural heritage; I am able to help clients with my appreciation and understanding of how tricky it can be to bring two very different families together.

You can read more about Jewish Weddings in London on the rest of my blog.

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