Luxury Winter Wedding Ideas For 2024

Most couples looking to get married opt for a summer celebration, but there is something quite magical about a luxury winter wedding. Getting married during these colder months opens up a myriad of new options which aren’t quite suitable during any other time. 

A landscape draped in pristine snow, the soft glow of fairy lights adorning bare branches, and the crisp air providing an intimate and magical ambiance is a setting you can’t beat. 

Winter weddings always make us feel a warm, nostalgic sensation reminiscent of a scene from a quintessential British Christmas romance film, a setting that captures the essence of magical winter moments. 

In this article, we’re going to take you through the best and most luxurious winter wedding ideas for 2024 to ensure your celebration is as magical as it is memorable. 

Choosing Your Luxury Winter Wedding Venue 

Winter castle in snow

For a luxury winter wedding in 2024, envision exclusive venues that capture the essence of the season. Think historic castles covered with twinkling lights, private estates or manor houses set in acres of frosted gardens. These venues set the stage for a spine-tingling wedding that will blow your guests away. 

See some of our recommended venues below;

Cornwell Manor 

Bride and groom kissing in front of luxury house

Cornwell Manor’s extensive grounds offer a winter wonderland for your festivities where you and your guests can opt for a romantic stroll along snow-dusted pathways, or perhaps a whimsical carriage ride through the estate’s picturesque gardens. This venue is sure to impress your guests for a luxury winter wedding. 

Holkham Hall 

Bride and groom in winter wedding Holkham hall

Holkham Hall in Norfolk is a 25,000 acre estate full of breathtaking scenery and several magnificent locations in which to host your winter wedding. The Marble Hall is one of our favourite spaces on the estate, with a magnificent 50 ft domed ceiling, adorning this space with flickering candles, deep coloured winter florals and twinkling lights would look like a scene plucked from a magazine. 

The Natural History Museum 

Situated in South Kensington, The Natural History Museum is a truly remarkable wedding venue. This iconic location features a dramatic entrance and the Hintze Hall is a space like no other. Adorned with Romanesque arches, beautifully high ceilings and a captivating stone staircase that could be engulfed with majestic winter blooms, it provides the perfect setting for a luxury winter wedding. 

But when the night falls is when this venue really comes alive. With every wall lit up, highlighting all the beautiful details in the old architecture. The high ceilings, usually dark, seem even more impressive as the light showcases their grandness. It evokes an otherworldly feeling and we know that a winter wedding here would feel almost dreamlike. 

Winter Coloured Theme 

Choosing a luxury winter wedding opens the door to an array of breathtaking colour palettes that gracefully enhance the ambiance of the chilly seasonal months. 

Below are a few colour palette options we love to see at winter ceremonies. 

Forest Green, Black, and White

A winter wedding palette of forest green, black, and white exudes timeless elegance and captures the enchanting spirit of the season. Bridesmaids dressed in deep green, paired with classic black tuxedos, creates such a sophisticated ensemble. 

The bride’s white gown symbolises the pristine beauty of winter, complemented by snowy-inspired decor and floral arrangements. Invitations, cakes, and bouquets harmoniously blend these colours for a visually striking celebration. Consider adding metallic accents for a touch of glamour. This colour scheme definitely promises a memorable winter wonderland wedding, balancing natural grace with formality.

Burgundy, Rose Gold, Earthy Green

Burgundy is a quintessential winter colour due to its deep, rich tones that evoke warmth and cosiness, resonating with everyone’s desire for comfort during the colder season. 

Its association with earthy green winter foliage and its formal elegance make it a popular choice for luxury winter weddings. The colour’s timeless appeal ensures it balances very well with rose gold and soft shades of pink which can sometimes look tacky when used the wrong way. This colour palette suits both traditional and modern themes. If you’re looking for depth, luxury and charm, opt for this colour palette. 

Silver, Grey, and White 

The classic winter wonderland colour palette which we never get bored of seeing.

Silver, grey and white, it conjures a vision of timeless elegance and ethereal beauty, reminiscent of a scene from a winter fairytale. Silver grey, with its cool and metallic undertones, captures the essence of winter frost and glistening snow. Paired with pristine white, the palette definitely emits a sense of purity and tranquillity, mirroring the serene beauty of a winter landscape blanketed in snow. The combination of these two colours creates a clean and harmonious look, allowing for a versatile and adaptable theme. But to ensure it doesn’t appear tacky, it’s crucial to focus on subtle, well-balanced details. Here are some tips to achieve an elegant and refined look:

Introduce a variety of textures to add depth and interest. Consider incorporating plush fabrics like velvet, satin, or faux fur to create a luxurious and tactile atmosphere. And while silver is a prominent element, avoid overwhelming the decor with excessive metallics. Opt for subtle silver accents, such as candle holders, tableware, or modest silver embellishments to maintain a refined touch.

Winter Floral Designs 

When you’re planning a luxury winter wedding, flowers can be the decor element that can really bring your venue to life. 

Whether you want to pay homage to the nostalgic sights and scents of the festive season. Opting for rich crimson, moss green blooms, deep red roses, berried ivy and burnt dried oranges. Or you want to create an ambient glow with foliage and blooms that resemble crackling fires with bunches of cinnamon, magnolia foliage and woody pine cones. Your floral displays play a hugely significant part in creating the desired atmosphere for your day. 

Think majestic floral displays to dress grand old fireplaces and cascading blooms gracefully placed down staircases. 

Seasonal Food and Drink

Now this is where you can really embrace the winter theme because winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to indulge a gourmet menu featuring seasonal ingredients.

Excite your guests with a thoughtful menu featuring delicious winter-inspired food and drink. Begin the celebration with sophisticated canapés, such as delicate smoked salmon on blinis, truffle-infused mushroom tartlets, and miniature lobster bisque sips. As the main course unfolds, present a dish that captures the essence of the season, perhaps a succulent prime rib roast, glazed duck confit, or truffle-infused risotto. 

And don’t forget to complement these indulgent dishes with sides like roasted root vegetables, winter greens, and gratin dauphinois.

For a sweet end to the dinner service, offer decadent desserts that reflect the warmth of the season. Consider a rich chocolate fondue station with an array of dipping options, a whimsical winter-themed cake enveloped with edible flowers and berries, or a selection of artisanal winter-flavoured macarons.

And of course, last but certainly not least, create a bespoke winter drink menu. Begin with a welcoming hot cocoa bar featuring an assortment of toppings like cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, and flavoured syrups. For a touch of sophistication, craft signature winter cocktails such as spiced mulled wine, cranberry-infused martinis, or a champagne cocktail with seasonal berries. With every bite and sip, your guests will be transported into a magical winter wonderland. Yum!

Personalised Touches To Make Your Luxury Winter Wedding Extra Special 

As luxury wedding planners at Şenel Besim, we can’t stress enough just how important those little details are which make your wedding unforgettable. Here are a few added touches you can add to your luxury winter wedding in 2024 to make it even more memorable.

Seasonal Signature Scents

Choose a signature scent for your wedding, perhaps a custom blend of winter-inspired fragrances such as cinnamon, pine, spiced apple, christmas cookies or gingerbread. 

Infuse the venue with this scent through candles or diffusers for a sensory experience.

Customised Blankets or Shawls

Provide cosy blankets or shawls for guests to use during the ceremony or outdoor festivities. Consider monogramming them with your wedding date or initials for a personalised touch.

Fire Pit or Outdoor Heaters

If your wedding has an outdoor component, consider having a fire pit to keep guests warm which you could also use as a marshmallow toasting station. Great for adults and children too. 

Faux Fur Accents

Integrate faux fur elements into your decor, such as fur-lined chair covers, table runners, or even as part of your bridal attire. This adds a luxurious and wintery feel.

Ice Sculptures

Create elegant ice sculptures that reflect the winter theme. This could be anything from a decorative ice bar to intricate sculptures that showcase your initials.

Snow Machine

Create the illusion of falling snow with a snow machine during key moments like your entrance or first dance. It adds a magical and whimsical touch. This is a fabulous idea but only if you ‘ve got a team ready to clear it up. 


Conclude the evening with a dazzling sparkler send-off. This adds a touch of magic and creates beautiful photo opportunities.

Winter Inspired Entertainment

In the realm of luxury winter weddings, the pièce de résistance undoubtedly rests in the winter-themed entertainment. This is the element that will transform your special celebration into a captivating experience that echoes the magic of the season. 

As your guests revel in your special day, the winter entertainment stands as the crowning touch. It’s so wonderful seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces and the happiness that radiates around the room. Below are some ideas to take your wedding from average to extraordinary. 

Snow Globe Dancers

Incorporate dancers inside giant snow globes to perform elegant routines. This visually stunning entertainment will most definitely impress your guests. 

Winter-themed Magician

Hire a magician who specialises in winter-themed illusions. Whether making snowflakes appear or performing tricks with seasonal props, it adds a magical element to the event.

Snow Queen Character

A great idea if you have children attending your winter wedding is to introduce a Snow Queen character who can interact with guests and even participate in photo sessions. This brings a fairy-tale quality to the celebration.

Sleigh Rides or Carriage Rides

If your venue allows, offer sleigh rides or carriage rides for guests. This classic winter activity adds a romantic and nostalgic touch.

Ice Skating Rink

If space permits, set up a temporary ice skating rink for guests to enjoy. Professional skaters can also provide entertaining performances.

Winter Wine or Whiskey Tasting

Host a winter-themed wine or whiskey tasting station. Expert mixologists can guide guests through a selection of seasonal beverages.

Winter Fireworks Display

End the evening with a winter fireworks display. 

We hope you can see that a luxury winter wedding is anything but cold and miserable, it’s warm, inviting and most importantly, magical. If you’re considering a winter wedding in 2024 and want some expert help to pull it all together. Get in touch with the team at Şenel Besim Event Design, the UK’s leading luxury wedding planning agency with over 20 years of experience planning weddings at some of the most esteemed luxury wedding venues in the UK. 

Allow us to ensure your special day is everything you imagined it to be, and more.

Get in touch for a consultation where Şenel can guide you on the steps you need to take

to plan a winter wedding in 2024 that your guests will talk about for years to come. 


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