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Many couples assume that their venue or caterer will take care of and coordinate everything. Of course, service levels vary, but at the heart of any supplier’s concern is running their own operation. They are not wedding planners and on the whole, it will be expected that you’ve made suitable arrangements for the day to come together on time. Regardless of the planning that you’ve done, you don’t want to be overseeing the day, you want to enjoy it and you certainly don’t want to deal with the stress of something going wrong.

An on-the-day wedding coordinator makes sure your day is everything you dreamt; calmly administering every aspect, without getting in the way or making a fuss. They’ll make sure the day is all about you, resolving issues as they arise, so that you don’t even notice them. Meticulous attention to detail, a cool calm demeanor and an unflusterable disposition are the basic make up of a great coordinator. If you want to remember your day, the people you saw, the food you ate and the feelings you felt, a wedding coordinator can make sure you have the time to focus on nothing but your wedding.


If you’ve opted not to hire a wedding planner to assist with your wedding from the very beginning, then I strongly encourage couples to hire a wedding planner for On the day coordination at a minimum. Whether a lavish celebration full of luxury and extravagance, or a modest family affair with personalised details; you’ll want your day to run flawlessly. Every wedding and every couple are unique; your on-the-day wedding coordinator will work with you in the weeks and days running up to the big day and will understand every detail as if it were their own wedding. On the day they will blend in, whilst busily, quietly and effectively ensuring every décor detail is in place, every supplier is on time and every guest is contented, happy and smiling.

So, in short you’ll benefit from an on the day wedding coordinator if:

● You have planned and arranged some or all of your wedding day

● Your wedding is getting close and you feel you need some help finalising details in the preceding weeks, as well as having someone there on the day ensuring everything goes exactly as you dreamt

● You are worrying about who is going to oversee things while you are getting married

● You need some help setting everything up and dealing with your suppliers (no matter how many)

● You are getting married in a venue that requires lots of logistical arrangements



An on-the-day- wedding coordinator, or wedding day manager will usually start to work with you around 6 weeks prior to your wedding. They will have a really in depth discussion with you and run through all of the plans that you have made to date and trouble shoot any potential problems. Together you will create a fool proof timeline for the day and they will reach out to all of your suppliers to deal with any last minute issues and ensure that everything is as expected.

On the day of your wedding, your on-the-day wedding coordinator will work tirelessly, ensuring that every element of your day runs to plan. They will be well experienced at thinking on their feet and making snap decisions in the interest of you. They will also introduce themselves to your suppliers, so that any issues can be resolved swiftly and silently, through them rather than disturbing or upsetting the all-important couple. If a supplier is stuck on the motorway, your wedding coordinator will have a list of local suppliers who can step in. If a bridesmaid’s dress strap snaps, they will be on hand to stitch or pin it back together. Your day will also be kept on schedule as your on-the-day coordinator will unfalteringly know the timeline of your wedding day inside out.

Being in 5 places at once, with eyes in the front, back and sides of our heads is just second nature to an experienced wedding coordinator.

Your coordinator will also have a full emergency kit containing everything from supplier phone numbers, to basic medical supplies. There are no problems big or small that your wedding coordinator can’t fix. It’s not just problems either, your on-the-day wedding coordinator will work alongside your suppliers, carefully executing your vision, ensuring that everyone is blown away by the stunning décor, your meticulous attention to detail and the flawless execution of this most special of days.



Most wedding planners offer this service. As a Suffolk based wedding planner, I offer full wedding planning packages, along with on-the-day coordination and cover UK as well as destination weddings. Take the time to choose someone who understands you and your vision. Browse their portfolio and read their reviews. If their previous work impresses you and you feel that ‘click’ with this particular person, trust your instincts and arrange to chat or meet with them further.


You’ve spent months, maybe years planning your wedding. You’ve planned, prepped, budgeted and dreamt about your perfect day. Now it’s your time to sit back and let someone else take over the last minute tasks, preparations and on-the-day details. You can rest assured that your plans will be carried out to the very last detail. Your wedding coordinator will be ready to swoop in at any time to keep your day on track. I know that an on-the-day wedding coordinator will prove to be the best decision you make (that is, after saying ‘I do’ of course). You can relax and focus on each other as everyone enjoys the special day; with no need to worry about whether place names are on the right tables, over-night guests know when to check in, or if food will be served on time.

If you’d like to discuss on-the-day wedding coordination, please get in touch. I’m passionate about making sure your wedding day runs smoothly, allowing you to embrace every precious moment. Get in touch for a friendly wedding chat or check out my blog for inspiration and ideas.

" Thank you so much for listening to all of my thoughts and ideas. Your professionalism shines through and I am super excited to work with you on my wedding "

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