Top Luxury Party Planners in London

Are you on a quest to discover the best luxury party planner in London but you’re unsure of who you can trust to throw you the party of the century? We unveil the crème de la crème of party planners in the heart of London. Whether you’re throwing a 60th soirée, an exclusive black-tie affair, or an adorable birthday celebration for your little one, these top luxury party planners have mastered the art of creating unforgettable experiences. From stunning venues to bespoke themes and impeccable attention to detail, think of these professionals as more than just planners, they will become architects of your wildest fantasies.

Why Hire a Leading Party Planner For Your Next Event?

Their Creative Flair Will Leave You Speechless

When it comes to party planning, there is a huge difference between an average planner and an exceptional one. An amazing party planner possesses a unique and imaginative vision, capable of transforming an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience. They think outside the box, bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table, and have a keen eye for aesthetics. This means that your party won’t just be everything you imagined it to be, it will be so much more! Whereas an average party planner tends to stick to conventional methods and cannot infuse creativity into their events. The result is an event where everything has been seen and done before. Yawn.

Top Party Planners Are Driven By Details

An amazing party planner is meticulous when it comes to details. They leave no stone unturned, ensuring that every aspect of the event, from decor to catering, is flawlessly executed. Their dedication to perfection creates a seamless and immersive experience for guests. And trust us when we say, the devil is most definitely in the detail when it comes to luxury events. An average party planner may overlook minor details thinking they don’t really matter, resulting in a less cohesive and polished event.

A Party Which Truly Reflects Every Inch of You

Have you met with someone and they just get you, so much so that you feel they know you better than you know yourself? They should be the feeling that emerges when you meet with a luxury party planner who’s the right fit for you. An amazing party planner goes above and beyond to understand their client’s preferences, needs, and desires. They strive to create a personalised experience tailored to their client’s vision and goals, ensuring that the event reflects their personality and style. They also maintain open lines of communication and build strong relationships with their clients. An average party planner may provide generic, one-size-fits-all solutions without truly understanding your individuality. When you’re throwing a grand celebration you want it to distinctly mirror every quirk and character trait which makes you, you!

The Top Luxury Party Planners in London

1. Senel Besim Events

Şenel, the director of Senel Besim Events, has 20 years of experience planning exceptional parties and weddings in the most prestigious venues and private homes all over the UK and Europe. Including; Kew Gardens, the Natural History Museum, Cornwell Manor and the Wilderness Reserve. Allow her to excite you with her impressive portfolio filled with opulent weekend celebrations and spectacular singular events for discerning clients who want a party that’s perfectly polished and forever memorable.

Şenel will listen intently to your desires, exercising careful consideration upon your every request. Her insatiable hunger for perfection will ensure that all elements of your party are wonderfully enchanting and perfectly executed.

Şenel and her team will ensure your party has interactive and personalised experiences, surprising moments, unique entertainment, high-end cuisine and immersive decor. Because they know that’s what will make your party truly spectacular.

2. Snapdragon

Snap dragon logo

Julie Dowling the founder, started Snapdragon because she recognised a need for party planners who could combine creative flair with strong project management skills and first-class service. She has planned events for high-profile clients, including senior business figures and celebrities and her team knows the importance of flawless delivery. No matter how big the client’s expectations are, herself and her team will always deliver quality and value. Her clients want their parties to be different—bigger, better, and more unique than anything they’ve ever seen.

3. Cranberry Blue

cranberry blue logo

Cranberry Blue is committed to creating extraordinary events that captivate its clients. As a prominent Luxury Event Planning service in London, we take pride in offering a customised approach that perfectly matches their clients’ specific desires. Leading the consultancy is Melanie Helen, who possesses expertise spanning over 15 years in the fashion, event, and wedding sectors. In 2009, she founded Cranberry Blue and has since dedicated herself to fostering strong connections with top-tier suppliers. This invaluable network allows her team to deliver an unparalleled and unique experience for each client.

4. Henry Bonas

Established in 2003, Henry established a highly regarded status as a distinguished organiser of extravagant weddings and planner of exceptional parties. Bursting with enthusiasm and an abundance of innovative concepts, Henry personally oversees every aspect of each event, ensuring full commitment from beginning to end. Recognising the essence lies within the individuals attending, he takes pride in his proficient and devoted team that collaborates to bring each occasion to its vibrant fruition.

5. Grace Kennedy Events

Grace Kennedy is the driving force behind Grace Kennedy Events and Mayfair Luxury Weddings, renowned London party planners specialising in crafting personalised parties across the globe. With her status as a celebrity figure, due to her career as a television presenter, actress and singer, Grace possesses invaluable insights on creating truly remarkable events. She also boasts an extensive network of worldwide contacts who can assist in turning any dream into reality.

6. Sarah Haywood

Over two decades ago, Sarah Haywood organised her first celebration. What started as a side gig in event planning during her time as a television journalist and producer has since grown into an award-winning party planning business. She gained widespread recognition as CNN’s bridal expert during their global broadcast of the much-anticipated Royal Wedding between the Prince and Princess of Wales. Recently, Sarah’s successful first TV series, “The Wedding Fixer,” premiered in 2020 on UK TV before making its way to the BBC.

7. Anopia Events

Anopia Events is a party planning business based in London, Essex that specialises in corporate and personal events. They are party planners for every kind of event, from 16th birthday parties up to 50th birthdays and beyond! You can also rely on this company to be exceptionally discreet. A lot of their clients are well-known and shy away from any kind of public attention which is why privacy is a value which is hugely important to them.

8. Jenna Hewitt

Jenna is the founder of Jenna Hewitt Events who has been planning parties in London, Surrey and Dorset since 2015. Her style is calm and balanced and she credits herself for always being honest with her clients. Her company has particular expertise with at-home marquee-based events as well as experience working with leading UK venues and hotels. Herself and her team will take care of the entire planning, design, and production process for you so you haven’t got to worry about a thing.

9. The Golborne Collection

The Golborne Collection is run by planning director Natalia and Creative Director Sarah, together they have over 15 years years of experience planning luxury events and parties. They select the events they produce throughout the year to always ensure their values align with their clients. Their clients include Google, Boots, Hakkasan and Thomas Sabo. The Golborne Collection also works with brands to deliver events such as product launches, large gala dinners and receptions.

10. Scarlet Events

Last but certainly not least, Scarlet Events is a luxury party planning company based in London, founded in 2010 by Marc Ahmed. This company is no stranger to high-profile events with some of their biggest party entertainers including Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams and The Royal Ballet. They are renowned for selecting iconic locations and transforming any kind of space into a bespoke venue for your personal party.

Choosing The Perfect Party Planner For Your London Event

Defining your event vision is a crucial step when deciding who you should choose as your London party planner, as it sets the foundation for all other decisions and helps bring your vision to life. Here are some tips to help you define your event vision:

1. Understand the Purpose – Start by clarifying the purpose of your event. Is it a birthday celebration, a corporate conference, a wedding, or a charity fundraiser? Understanding the objective will guide the overall direction and tone of your event.

2. Determine the Theme – Think about the atmosphere and experience you want to create for your guests. Consider themes that align with the purpose of the event and resonate with your audience. Whether it’s a glamorous Hollywood theme, a rustic outdoor setting, or a futuristic tech-inspired concept, choose a theme that reflects your vision.

3. Identify Key Elements – Break down your event into key elements such as venue, decor, entertainment, catering, and activities. Visualize how each of these elements will contribute to the overall ambience and experience. For example, if you’re hosting a beach-themed party, you might envision a tropical venue, vibrant colours, live music, and beach games.

4. Research Inspiration – Look for inspiration from various sources such as online platforms, magazines, social media, or even real-life events you’ve attended. Collect images, ideas, and examples that resonate with your vision. This will help you communicate your expectations effectively with potential planners.

See Who Skills Are Most Suited To Your Unique Vision

Now, that you’ve got a clear idea of what you want and what you don’t, use this information as your guiding star when choosing the right party planner for your event. Ask the planner questions to see if they fully understand your vision. Look through their portfolio and see if their style matches the type of event you’re looking to host.

Most importantly, ask them to tell you what unique ideas they have to make your party even better. This question will really set the party planners apart and immediately you will know who has the skill and expertise to make your party everything you imagine it to be and more.

Looking For a London-Based Party Planner?

Book a complimentary consultation with Şenel, the founder and director of Şenel Besim Events. Her beautifully warm and personable nature allows her to provide an attentive service where she listens intently to your desires, scrutinising every last detail to ensure herself and her team plan an exquisite party which will exceed your expectations.

As a luxury event planner, there are no limits to what Şenel can achieve and her unparalleled commitment to excellence ensures your party will be flawlessly executed from start to finish.


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