Winter Weddings

All you lovely brides and grooms out there who’ve had to postpone, I feel your frustration and disappointment. But, don’t lose heart. If, like many, you’ve had to put your wedding plans on hold and postpone your big day until next year, you’ll want good news, reassuring advice and perhaps even a splash of inspiration when it comes to planning a winter wedding.

Winter weddings

With over a decade’s experience as UK wedding planner, I’m here to do just that!

To couples moving their wedding date to 2021, my advice is … Be flexible. Everyone is in a horrible situation and we are all trying our best. If you’re working with a wedding planner in the UK to reschedule your wedding to the winter months, they will already be one step ahead of you and will have made all the necessary enquiries to change dates with suppliers and reschedule your wedding.

UK Wedding Planner

For those of you who have opted to move your wedding later this year, my top tip is … Embrace the change. No one has any control over what is happening, so go with it, if you’re working with a wedding planner you trust you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’ve been busy helping my clients reschedule their day and my golden nugget is … Stay proactive and details orientated. I’ve been proactively contacting all the venues and suppliers I already had booked for my clients to ascertain their availability for alternative dates. By having detailed conversations, I can confirm in writing what options are open to my clients before booking anything, so any changes to dates or locations don’t come as a surprise. We are always in control and know exactly what to expect. I’m lucky, I’ve been organising events for a long time and have a network of great suppliers willing to be as flexible as possible for my clients.

UK Wedding Planner

To give you even reassurance, we’ve approached our lovely network of the wedding industry greats and asked them for their tips on how to get the most out of a beautiful, wintery wedding. So, if you’ve had to unexpectedly reschedule to a Winter Wedding check out my next blog for some fabulous things to consider.

If you’ve had to move your wedding to the winter months, don’t lose heart, there are so many beautiful options available to make your day even more memorable. For tips, advice and a chat about how to source the best in the business, we are the well-connected UK wedding planners so do get in touch


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